Puppy Head Start Program

We know that the early experiences in a puppy’s life are very important to its future training. Our Deep Fork Retrievers’ Puppy Head Start Program is designed to help a puppy form a willing temperament, increase its memory, and build a bond with its owner that will become the foundation for future teamwork.

In this program, your hunting retriever puppy will learn verbal commands and whistle and hand signals. We also systematically introduce your puppy to swimming, birds, gunfire, decoys, boats, and marking, ensuring momentum, desire and trainability. Our developmental program produces a puppy that by the end of the curriculum is ready to be trained.

We recommend that the Puppy Head Start Program be initiated at 10 weeks of age. Private lessons are conducted at our training facilities. They are scheduled individually to ensure your pup’s complete understanding of the lesson before the next concept is presented. One-hour lessons are $50. More intensive sessions can be arranged for out-of-state clients – call for travel arrangement assistance.

Whatever the age of your puppy (or dog), Deep Fork Retrievers Puppy Head Start Program is the place to begin.

Contact us to schedule lessons.